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myDay - Team Member Feedback

Service Design, praised on Social Media

UX Research & Insights

Stakeholder Interviews

The Stores Communications team came to me with a business problem, "How might we establish a Feedback Loop between Stores Team Members and Headquarters?" The team did their homework and presented me with the research they conducted on their own, and just needed a design to share back with Stakeholders. They asked for a UI Design in the myDay app. Instead of delivering what they asked for directly, I gave them what they needed: a feedback loop service design.

Service Integration Design

Technology Capability Review

A review of current capabilities was conducted in order to strategically determine what services would be serving the feedback loop between Headquarters and Stores. Links between Domo, Alchemer, and myDay were established, allowing a transition and presentation of semantic data. When Team Members supplied the data in myDay, it was passed through the Alchemer survey platform, then Headquarters team members implemented changes based on the data available in Domo.

User Satisfaction

Feedback on Feedback

This 2-way communication loop opened up opportunities for the Team Members to feel heard. The implementation of this feedback loop was so admired by the 5,000 team members that provided feedback in 2020, they posted about the positive experience in Reddit.

myDay - Team Member Feedback: Services
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