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Rocky Robinson - Site Experience

Collaborative Consolidation

Product Consultation

Interview + Demo

In my consultation with Audra, we reviewed her needs and wants with the project. Originally, she wanted to update what she already had for Rocky Robinson; a goDaddy site from 2015, an Instagram shop and a Facebook shop. All 3 of these were hard to manage separately, requiring different accounts, and the result was dividing Audra's traffic. She did a Demo of her experience with me and it was clear that she needed a one stop shop to manage her site, without any coding or customization.

Information Architecture

Site Consolidation

The Pro Bono team and I had to come up and come through with a maintainable solution for Audra. We proposed something really ambitious - consolidate her 3 separate sites into 1 and do it all within 6 weeks. In order to provide Audra with one place to manage her digital business, my Pro Bono team and I compared features, pricing, and ease of use for website builders. We determined that Wix was the right solution for her business needs. Then, I reviewed all 3 of her sites in order to find the commonalities and unique opportunities for product moments. Using this information, I created a wireframe for the team to use as a reference for the Wix site builder.

Content Management

Wix + Digital Brand Guide

As part of my agreement with Audra, I provided her with a Digital Style Guide with distinctive typography and page format wireframes that incorporated her previously desgined brand illustrations, bottle labels, and colors. Site builders like Wix have some great out of the box features that allowed Audra to keep up with Inventory, Marketing, SEO and Social Media posts without a lot of effort on her part. Having all the features doesn't mean much if the content isn't managed well. If I could change anything about this project, it would have been to talk sooner about a Content Management plan. Having a plan for maintaining a site, while you are actively running a business by yourself is essential. This can also help you determine if you need help and what kind of help you need in the future. This was a massive effort by the team to complete in 6 weeks, but it definitely left me feeling like there was more I could have done for my client.

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