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Row10 - Responsive Visual Design

Imagine this scenario: a derelict boathouse on the Mississippi River has just been renovated to house an indoor/outdoor yoga and rowing studio, catering to a diverse community and they need a new website. The design for Row10's mobile and desktop site reflects an ideal gym experience that modernizes the tradition of rowing in Minnesota rivers.

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UX Research - Competitive Analysis

In addition to interviewing 5 people with various fitness needs and goals, I examined the layout, composition, and interaction on competitors with the hypothetical, Row10, gym. In this case, Crossift gyms, modern yoga facilities and home rowing experiences were looked at to determine what commonalities and differences existed within these sign experiences. This information informed a content inventory and the final composition.

UX Design - Style Guide

Before completing the final mock-up of the fictional Row10 business' responsive site, I created and style guide including color, buttons, icons, illustrations, and typography. Creating this documentation sets a foundation for future work and allows for an easier transition of work to others. If Row10 was a real, small business, Row10 could use the style guide if they needed to build or maintain their own site.

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Responsive Layout & Composition

For the Final Presentation of the Row10 project, I designed layouts for both mobile and desktop. The style guide documentation and the information gathered from user interviews, the competitive analysis, and content inventory made this project richer. The best quote I received from a Crossfit trainer I interviewed actually said, "If you are interested in actually pursuing this as a business, let me know. It sounds like a real thing."

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