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myDay - Item Removals

Target Stores & Supply Chain UX

Inventory Analysts needed a way to account for damaged, destroyed, or expired items that could no longer be sold to guests. Current process metrics were inflated due to incorrect attribution by team members working in the store. The goal of creating the Item Removals feature was to reduce the amount of mis-classification by Target Store Team Members in the myDay Android app, allowing more merchandise to be re-sold to guests in the stores.


Reduction in mis-classification

While testing the new structure of organization for Item Removals, incorrect attribution by Stores Team Members was reduced by 60%, proving the new structure set the foundation for the Item Removals design.


Merchandise Savings

During the rollout phase in Q3 2021, the new Item Removals feature in the myDay Android App stopped a total of $1.6 million from being incorrectly attributed as damaged, then re-sold to guests in the stores. This added to increased guest satisfaction and store profits for Q3 2021.


Team Members Impacted

At the beginning of 2022, approximately 250,000 store team members across the US had access to the new Item Removals experience on the myDay Android App. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and immediate from store teams.

myDay - Item Removals: Infographics
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.13.48 PM.png

UX Research & Insights

Interviews + Tree Study

User Interviews uncovered that Team Members were confused by choices presented and in some cases didn’t have enough choices presented. A Tree Study was conducted in OptimalWorkshop with 50 users to determine the correct classification structure for Team Members. Stakeholders and Service and Data Engineers reviewed the tree study results and adjusted the data structure to more closely match the Team Member expectations.

UI/UX Design

Wireframes + Collaboration

Wireframes were created in InVision to review with the Item Removal team, myDay app team, Stakeholders, and UX Design team for feedback and input. Collaboration sessions allowed for deeper conversations and a richer prototype.

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.06.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.19.16 PM.png

UI/UX Design

Prototype + Usability Research

An Android-compatible prototype was created in InVision to complete usability tests for store team members, while simultaneously allowing the Prototype Usability Test to be screen-shared remotely. This allowed for research at store locations, in context, and with technology that team members were familiar with.

myDay - Item Removals: Services
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